UVSS Elections: Trelford calls out Connect manager

by MrContentGenerator


In the continuing story of the University of Victoria Student Society elections, The Western Student reached out to each of the two slates for comment. Last year the UVSS elections saw considerable mudslinging, and it appears this year may be no different.

Energize UVic responds

Energize UVic says that its team was pulled together from many backgrounds.

“Our Energize team comes from across many different faculties and departments with a shared interest in excellent student government,” said Energize campaign manager Ryan Trelford. “We want to bring excellence to student government at UVic by being transparent with business that happens in the SUB, reducing fees students pay through our Open Textbook Program, and making UVic more fun – the place to be – by having fun events and activities around campus.”


[Energize UVic campaign manager Ryan Trelford. Photo from Twitter.]

Trelford said that the slate was likely not to reach the spending limit set by the elections office because raising money is expensive for students. When it came to criticising Conenct UVic’s campaign manager Jessica Lar-son, he had this to say:

“We are aware that Connects’ campaign manager is from Kwantlen in Vancouver. Our research has also shown that though she was involved in student government there, she was very controversial and was ineffective at getting results based action. We believe that it is up to people to make their own decisions, but would speculate that having an in-house manager (from UVic) would be more efficient.”


[Connect UVic campaign manager Jessica Lar-son. Photo from Twitter.]

Trelford said that Energize UVic is committed to keeping a balanced budget at the UVSS and holding high quality events.

Connect UVic declines to comment

The Western Student connnected with Connect UVic‘s candidate Dakota McGovern. He was provided questions, including why the group was running together and what their opinion was of Energize UVic’s campaign manager Ryan Trelford, but McGovern said that the slate could not give an interview. No reason was provided.