Alliance of BC Students says “Count on Our Vote”

by MrContentGenerator

1500x430-web-sliderA British Columbia provincial election will take place in May 2017. The Alliance of British Columbia Students (ABCS), one of BC’s two provincial student groups, will be running a campaign to register students to vote.

“This year the UVSS is working with the Alliance of BC Students on a get out the vote campaign for the provincial election on May 9th,” said University of Victoria Student Society Director of Campaigns and Community Relations Maxwell Nicholson, “Our campaign, called “Count on Our Vote” takes a unique approach, with the underlying belief that student apathy is a myth.”

Campaign starts with training

The ABCS started its campaign with training sessions for all participation student associations. Campaigners will be trained to do voter outreach so that students are informed about the process. This includes how and where to vote on election day.

“The reason a student wouldn’t vote is not because they don’t care, it is because of the many barriers that make voting harder to do,” said Nicholson, “Our campaign is focused on getting students to pledge to vote, and to make the voting process easier.”

Nicholson said the campaign aims to make the voting process straightforward for students.

Several schools taking part

In addition to the student associations that are members of the ABCS, the University of Victoria Student Society and University of British Columbia Alma Mater Society will also take part in the campaign. Campaigners have already arranged voting booths on some campuses.

University of Victoria students interested in volunteering are asked to contact Maxwell Nicholson at