Support for Canadian Federation of Students collapses in British Columbia, part 1

by MrContentGenerator


Image above: Students at Selkirk College signing a petition to leave CFS. Below: petition cards. Images courtesy of Santanna Hernandez of the Selkirk College Students’ Union.

Despite over three decades of working with students across the country through the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), at several campuses in British Columbia there are petitions to formally and officially disconnect from the Ottawa-based group.

“There is a petition being circulated that is requesting that the CFS National Executive allow students at North Island College have the opportunity to vote on their future membership in the CFS. It is my understanding that a similar petition is being circulated at several other schools in BC and in other provinces,” Andrew Dalton of the North Island Students’ Union told The Western Student.

“A petition asking the Canadian Federation of Students to hold a referendum on continued membership is circulating at Selkirk College,” stated Santanna Hernandez, a Director of the Selkirk College Students’ Union.


Vancouver Island University Students’ Union’s James Bowen confirmed “students at VIU are signing a petition in support of conducting a referendum on continued membership on the Canadian Federation of Students.”

“The member local unions of BCFS are seeking to leave the national organizations due to the many issues documented by the BCFS at their past two August general meetings,” said Steven Beasley of the Douglas Students’ Union. “…Accordingly, it is time for the membership to decide whether the Students’ Union will leave, and there will be a petition process early in the winter semester to have a referendum on membership.”

A source has confirmed that both the Northwest Community College Students’ Union and Camosun College Student Society are also currently petitioning to leave the CFS. The petition is the first part of leaving CFS, followed by a referendum on campus.

This is part 1 of a series. The student associations at TRU, Northwest Community College, College of New Caledonia, Okanagan College, and Emily Carr University did not respond to requests for comment. Camosun College Student Society External Executive Rachael Grant declined to comment.