Updated: Embarrassing dad criticizes UBCSUO President on social media

by MrContentGenerator

A candidate in recently wrapped up elections has become embroiled in what has to be the most embarrassing UBC Okanagan electoral incident since Curtis “Bumbling Bee” Tse won the Executive Chair position*. The father of a University of British Columbia Students’ Union Okanagan (UBCSUO) Vice-President has been harassing the groups leader on social media about his electoral endorsement.

President endorses Sarah Maryschuk for VP Internal

On October 13, the day prior to voting, University of British Columbia Students’ Union Okanagan President Blake Edwards endorsed Sarah Maryschuk in a by-election. Using the hashtag #weAREsarah, President Edwards encouraged UBCSUO members to vote for Maryschuk for the position of VP Internal using Facebook.


Maryschuk, who ultimately lost the election, was opposed by Amy Park and Arina Rora.

It is sort of rare for sitting students’ union representatives to endorse others because most of the time they are all elected simultaneously. While it may not happen often, it is not banned and there is arguably nothing wrong with endorsements.

Update: After this article initially came out, Kimberly Rutledge of the UBCSUO confirmed that the executives of the students’ union had discussed putting forward a limitation on endorsements in the future, and that President Blake Edwards had agreed to the measure.

Embarassing dad comes to the rescue

In a Facebook comment to the President Edwards’ endorsement, Leo Rutledge, father of UBCSUO Vice-President Kimberley Rutledge, began criticizing Edwards for making an endorsement.


Rather than just letting a campus election run its course, Rutledge felt the need to interject with literally the cringiest wag of the finger ever to come to the Okanagan valley. Edwards and Rutledge has a bit of a back and forth before others started to comment.


Why Rutledge felt it was reasonable for him to interject on his daughter’s students’ union’s president’s social media about their internal democracy, we may never know. It is essentially the online equivalent of showing up at your child’s workplace and yelling at their boss. What is certain is that the ranks among the most embarrassing electoral incidents ever to happen to the UBCSUO.

Update: In response to this article, UBCSUO Vice-President Kimberly Rutledge distanced herself form the Facebook interaction.

“I was open and accepting to any of the candidates winning this election, and I think they all would have done a great job,” said Kimberly Rutledge. “Our Vice Presidents had a conversation about how in this case, as we would be working with the VP Internal for the next 6 months, it was best to remain neutral to create an accepting environment for whoever won and to make sure this election was unbiased.”

“There were complaints about the President endorsing his friend over the other candidates, but no one really did anything about it,” said VP Rutledge.

*that reference

A UBCSUO source says that apparently there used to be a slate (political party) called Students4Students that ran the UBCSUO for many years. The slate were eventually embarrassingly defeated by a guy named Curtis Tse who, the source says, was often referred to as Bumbling Bee for his many goofs and gaffes.

Updated: 1. Previously the article said Curtis Tse was the President of the UBCSUO. He was actually the Executive Chair. 2. Now includes comment from VP Kimberly Rutledge.