Douglas Students’ Union hires CFS big whig

by MrContentGenerator

Last month continued the mostly uneventful 2016 summer for the students’ unions of British Columbia. However, while many were on vacation or away from class, the board of directors of the Douglas Students’ Union have been busy changing their organisation in many different ways. One of these has been to hire a new General Manager, long time Canadian Federation of Students backed staff person Steven Beasley.

Vancouver Island University Students’ Union

The Vancouver Island University Students’ Union, or “view-sue” to students in Nanaimo, was a bastion of Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) activity for the last two decades. Also during that time, Steven Beasley was a senior staff person guiding the many boards of directors of that group. No more than a cursory glance at a few years of CFS meeting minutes and it is clear that Local 61, as the VIUSU is known in CFS speak, was a major supporter of Ottawa’s various projects.

It is unclear what the role of that students’ union is now, given the schism between the CFS and the provincial students’ union British Columbia Federation of Students, which used to be combined.

CFS-BC and BCFS time

According to meeting minutes from both groups, which you can get if you are at any BC Federation of Students affiliated campus in the students’ union office, Steven Beasley worked for both the provincial CFS component and the national CFS at various times. Most recently, Beasley was the Internal Coordinator for the CFS-BC, including during their split with the CFS.

Future of the Douglas Students’ Union

Vote Action, the slate that won the most recent Douglas Students’ Union election, won on a platform to increase resources to student groups, better student spaces, and promote student engagement. With a hire of someone with so much history as a major player in larger student groups, it is likely that there is more to the story.