UNBC graduate students vote to join British Columbia Federation of Students

by MrContentGenerator


Graduate students (members of the Northern British Columbia Graduate Student Society [NBCGSS]) have voted to join the British Columbia Federation of Students (BCFS). After about a two week campaign period, graduate students voted in a majority to join the provincial students’ union.

Though small, the Northern British Columbia Graduate Student Society adds an exclusively graduate student voice to the provincial group. Before joining, the BC Federation of Students had graduate student members, but all of those members are represented by students’ unions with both graduate and undergraduate students. The NBCGSS also adds voices from an additional research intensive university.

UNBC graduates spent two years as prospective members of the provincial group before voting to join. During that time they participated in campaigns to improve post-secondary education and various social justice causes. The NBCGSS will now have long-term access to campaigns, services, and organisational resources of a students’ union many multiple times its own size.

UNBC graduate students are the first to join the British Columbia Federation of Students since it changed its name in January 2016. Previously, the BCFS was named Canadian Federation of Students-British Columbia. The organisation changed its name as a part of the process to split from the much reviled Canadian Federation of Students based in Ottawa. The vote may indicate a renewed interest in British Columbia students working together through the provincial organisation.